How Do I Put Text On A Picture In Microsoft Word ?

There’re numerous reasons why you might desire to place the text over a picture in your Word doc. Maybe you desire to place the company logo in the background of the doc you are writing for work, or perhaps you require a confidential watermark on your doc containing sensitive data. No matter the cause, you can carry out so simply in MS Word. MS Word offers various tools for combining text and pictures in docs.

The easiest method of putting text on an image or photo in Word is by setting the Wrap Text option of the image to Behind Text. If you would like more choices, like the capability of rotating the text, you can make either a Word Art object or text box and set a transparent background. The text box is the simplest way if you desire to insert a paragraph, while Word Art, which permits you to append the artistic effects to text, is perfect for the short captions and titles.Microsoft toolkit is beneficial if you want activate your windows with one click download it from here

Add The Word Text Box :

Utilize the Text Box menu in a Text command group from the Insert section for adding the text box to your doc. The box permits you to enter the text and change the size or font, just as you’d in the other parts of your doc. Set Fill to No Fill option and the Line to No Line option for making the text emerge directly on your image. On the other hand, you can navigate to the Shape Styles command group from the Format section > set Shape Fill option to No Fill and Shape Outline option to No Outline. You can dynamically resize, move, and rotate your text box utilizing the same controls along the edge of your text box that is utilized for interacting with images.Learn different ways to To Disable Microsoft Teams From Startup Windows 10

Microsoft Word

Utilize Word Text Wrap :

For allowing the text to wrap over an image, choose your picture. The Layout Options menu will be shown near the image. Click on that menu > select Behind Text. It will reason the image to be treated as the background, and your text will flow over that image as you type. You can also add blank tabs and lines for controlling where the text is positioned on your image.

Put Text On Images Using WordArt:

You can also simply access the WordArt from the Text commands group in Microsoft Word. Choose the style from the menu > enter text into your box. Like your text box, you can type in a sentence, word, or paragraph and format your text size and font as well as utilizing the handles of the object for changing the text location, size, and orientation. When your object is chosen, you can utilize options in the WordArt Styles group from the Format section to apply various effects and styles to your text, comprising glow, shadow, reflection, bevels, and 3D rotation. You can also choose filling patterns and colors, and also the outline colors for your text.

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