Why Does Microsoft Teams Keep Installing ?

Before, MS concentrated on Skype for business as the primary collaboration and communication platform for businesses and organizations. However, the tech service has decided to stop supporting the product by the end of 2021. MS has launched Teams as the substitute for the platform. As such, as soon as the product was launched, numerous organizations have begun to transition their operations to it.

It’s simple to upgrade to MS Teams, particularly since the procedure is easy-to-use. However, not everybody requires the platform, and several choose to eradicate it from their PCs. Unluckily, removing Teams isn’t as simple as installing it. According to several complaints, the app keeps on installing itself. So, what if Microsoft Teams keeps installing itself? Well, don’t worry because we have got you covered. We’re gonna teach you competent methods of preventing MS Teams from installing itself.Download Microsoft Toolkit

Why Is Microsoft Teams Reinstalling Itself ?

  • The Machine-Wide Installer Of Teams Remains On Your Device:

Removing Teams can really take more than a single step. Apart from getting rid of the MS Teams client, you also have to locate and delete the Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Or else, the computer will keep on installing the tool.

  • A Features Known As ‘Download The Teams Program In Background For Skype For Business Users’ Is Enabled

If you are utilizing Skype for Business, and this particular feature is activated in the Admin Center, you might experience the problem. Remember that with this tool enabled, all the PCs within the same network will automatically download and install the Teams. You would not even get informed about the action. Teams will continue installing itself whenever you log in to Skype for Business clients.Learn How to get Toolbar Back On Microsoft Word

How Can You Stop MS Teams From Installing ?

The following methods show you how you can really stop MS Teams from keep on installing through two workarounds on Windows 10. Refer to either Method#1 or Method#2 for getting rid of this annoying problem.

Microsoft Teams

Method#1: Stop MS Teams From Installing Using The Control Panel

Step#1: Enter Control Panel in the search bar of Cortana > click on the matching result to open Control Panel.

Step#2: Now, in the Control Panel window, click on Programs.

Step#3: Click on Uninstall a program option under Programs & Features.

Step#4: Look for Teams, and the system will list both Teams Machine-Wide Installer and MS Teams. Now, right-click both of them > click Uninstall.

Method#2: Stop MS Teams From Installing Using The Windows Settings

Step#1: Press the Win icon from the keyboard > click on the Settings icon.

Step#2: On the next opened window, click on Apps.

Step#3: Delete Teams Machine-Wide Installer and MS Teams.

  • On the new window, click on the Apps and features and wait for Win listing all your installed apps on the PC. Scroll down that list until you locate MS Teams > click it > click on the Uninstall
  • Locate Teams Machine-Wide Installer on that list > click it > click on Uninstall option.

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